aden and anais swaddle differences

January 28, 2013

aden and anais swaddlesI have seen a lot of confusion about the different aden and anais swaddles available. I have created a comparison chart to break it down for all you ladies out there trying to figure out if you should buy the swaddle packs you see at Target or Buy Buy Baby or the pricier but seemingly equal ones you keep hearing about or fell in love with online.

Aden and Anais Differences

Boutique Line
(Classic Muslin Collection)
Made-for-Store Brand
(aden by aden + anais)
Swaddles are 47" x 47"Swaddles are 44" x 44" (3 inches smaller)
100% Cotton Muslin100% Cotton Muslin
Cozy Sleep Sacks are 4 layersCozy Sleep Sacks are 3 layers
Higher quality weave (softer)Lower quality weave (like a lower thread count)
aden + anais chooses designsRetailers print their own designs
Large catalogue available onlineLimited catalogue of products in stores
Comes in boxes with a turquoise-cyan colorClear plastic packaging
Original price is $49.95Original price is $34.95
Click here for an example.Click here for an example.

So there you have it. There are definitely differences when it comes to quality between the aden and anais boutique swaddles and the Target and Buy Buy Baby swaddles although both are nice options. The boutique line is bigger and softer – and these swaddles are highly popular for a good reason. We used them not only for wrapping our sweet babe but as nursing covers, car seat covers, stroller blankets, tummy time “mats” and more. So those two main differences really make it an incredible product.

Get the Boutique Aden and Anais Swaddles for Less

However, there is also a $15 price difference. But here is my confession of the day: you can get the boutique swaddles for the same price as the aden by aden and anais  ones and possibly even cheaper! The boutique ones on amazon are constantly fluctuating in price. But there are almost always several packs that are $35 or under Рso you are getting higher quality swaddles without paying more! (Note: They also have the aden and anais made-for-store brand on Amazon so make sure the description says 47 x 47 and that the original price is $49.95)

So just keep your eye on this page and watch the prices. Grab them when the price drops because you won’t have much time. These are great to have on hand for baby shower gifts as well. – aden and anais swaddles are one of the most used baby items in our home. Honestly – I wish they made them in adult sizes because they are so soft and heavenly.

So there you go – now get yourself a box and enjoy!

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